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Any of these sound familiar?

Whether you are a Bio-Tech or Pharma company or Academic researcher

  • Are you lacking diverse participants to make studies & trials relevant & meaningful?

  • Spending valuable time trying to find and enroll participants yourselves?

  • Lacking samples and clinical data to drive your clinical research?
  • Struggling to build a team to perform your desired clinical research?

  • Are you tired of competing with other studies in the large academic hospitals?

We understand. We’re here to help.

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Spend your time developing new diagnostics & treatments

And stop worrying about getting samples & participants for your pregnancy-related studies.


We match your phenotypic needs within our well-characterized, diverse & representative Network population.


We provide broad support across the R&D lifecycle and oversight of clinical research studies and trials through end-to-end workflows (e.g. recruitment, specimen/data collection, and regulatory support). And all to your specifications – even when they change. That’s what we’re here for.


Our network allows us to on-board projects quickly to achieve your goals and timelines.

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Working with Precia is easy. Why wait?


Meet to learn more ∙ Identify your specific project needs ∙ Determine if we’re a match


Take what we heard ∙ Develop a proposal ∙ Determine next steps


Develop our strategy ∙ Build a plan ∙ Execute the plan ∙ Monitor & evaluate progress


Right processes + Right participants + Right samples + Right data + Accelerated research = Drugs & diagnostics that heal patients

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Donna Russell


Precia Leadership

Donna is a recognized leader in strategic partnerships and research network development. She has extensive experience establishing community-based research infrastructure, prospective collections and biobanks focused on improving the health of women, newborns, and children.

Since 2012, Donna has set up multi-country maternal & newborn research networks and in-country biobanks across Africa and SE Asia. These sites have added significant in-country research capacity, facilitated locally-led studies, and continue to contribute meaningfully to improving maternal and newborn health globally. Her clients included WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, University of Oxford, Kings College London, and Sinai Health System.

Prior to her consulting business, Donna was Director of Research Development at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Global Alliance to Prevent Prematurity and Stillbirth (GAPPS) where she established the GAPPS network of community and academic hospitals in Washington and California and created the GAPPS Repository to accelerate research focused on improving pregnancy outcomes for moms & babies.

She is a past-chair and current member of the board of a large community hospital near Seattle and serves on the GBS International board and Preeclampsia Foundation Technical Advisory Group.

With her biobanking and hospital leadership experience, she has a unique perspective on the opportunities and challenges of integrating a translational research platform into the community setting.


Article on Harmonisation of maternal health…

Amber Sexton


Amber oversees clinical research operations, including regulatory, training, and study management protocols. She has 15 years of experience in research, biobanking, data management, and governance and has a strong background in establishing lean processes to build scalable infrastructure.

Prior to joining Precia Group, Amber managed the data governance strategy and program at the Washington State Health Care Authority. She spent 10 years at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where she managed a global biobank supporting translational research to improve maternal and newborn health. Amber developed an innovative regulatory and consent structure ensuring federal compliance with human subjects research regulations, while allowing for broad access to specimens and data by researchers. She and her team developed standards for specimen and data collection which were utilized for harmonizing Gates Foundation-funded global maternal cohorts. Amber started her research career as a research associate for the largest pediatric diabetes study in the US, SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth.

Amber received her Bachelor of Science from Seattle Pacific University in Psychology.  She holds a postgraduate degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Policy.


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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Research.

Women’s health, specifically pregnancy, is one of the most important, yet neglected, research areas of human health and wellness. It’s our mission to help prevent Preeclampsia, Gestational diabetes, Preterm birth, Stillbirth and Maternal and Neonatal sepsis. It’s one reason we started Precia.

The other reason is to help community health systems take part in more clinical research studies and trials. Why ask patients to drive far for research studies & treatments? Often, they won’t. Which means a less diverse & representative patient population. This makes studies less meaningful. We make studies more meaningful. And, save lives & improve health for women, newborns and children. By working with Preica, you can feel good about investing your R&D dollars into community health care systems.

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Precia Services

Develop & deliver safe & effective drugs to market quickly. Offer patients more options for new & improved treatments.


Our expertise is in setting up standardized collections across community hospitals and clinics, whether they are part of our Precia Network or your own hospital network.

Bio-tech & Pharma

Get a diverse & representative patient population across a large network of community hospitals and clinics. Get exactly what you need, when you need it, to meet your research milestones. And, get your product to patients faster.

Community Hospitals & Clinics

We bring clinical research projects to your community hospital or clinic. Give your patients more opportunities to participate in research. While generating a new revenue stream.

Why gamble with your research?

“I’m tired of missing deadlines for our studies. Tired of enrolling too few patients. Make adjustments quickly. So we can develop & deliver the best drugs & treatments to our market & patients.”

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