The team at Precia Group brings its biobanking, regulatory and community hospital experience to develop new revenue streams for clinics and hospitals, and increase provider satisfaction, all while improving patient health outcomes.

Whether for a community hospital or research facility, we’ll start by learning the client’s vision and work with them to develop the strategy and operational design to achieve it.

A robust research platform that transforms patient care and improves your bottom line includes:

Research Platform Development

  • Business Plan
  • Governance
  • Regulatory/Ethics
  • Operational design, implementation & monitoring
  • Standard operating procedures & prototols
  • Data collection & management
  • Revenue generation

Clinical Integration of research

  • Precision medicine tools
  • Access to more clinical trials

The Precia Group is passionate about creating an innovative research and hospital network that generates revenue, accelerates the discovery and development of new diagnostics and drug therapies, brings more clinical trials to the community and, most importantly, improves patient outcomes.

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