With the Precia Group, even a single community hospital can monetize valuable resources and add a reliable stream of revenue. By implementing a more robust collection process with a focus on supporting translational research, a mid-sized hospital will be able to benefit by working with our highly respected pharma and academic research partners in need of high quality and standardized bio-materials used to develop safer and more effective targeted therapies.

The process is simple. Our consultants meet with your leadership team, conduct a thorough assessment, and design and implement, in collaboration with your teams, a research platform that will provide a foundation for your precision medicine program and be sustainable and profitable over the long term.

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For Tomorrow.

We meet with key stakeholders, formulate a comprehensive plan, and set up an infrastructure and staff aimed for success. With minimal investment in non-medical staffing, clients effectively create a new business line while also laying a foundation to grow clinical reputation, improve treatment, increase physician engagement, and deliver more positive patient outcomes.

Transforming Patient Care through Genomics

  • 89% of population have genetic variants that impact how medications work
  • 3-4% of population have ‘actionable’ genetic risks
  • Genetic and functional screening of cancers predicts more effective and less toxic treatment options for patients

A high quality research platform not only fuels a new revenue stream, it also lays a foundation for broader benefits –

Precision Medicine

Better science ~ better patient outcomes ~ better business revenue