The Precia Group can identify and match scientific specifications with a growing network of community hospitals able to provide consistent, data-rich bio-specimens—on demand and on time.

Based upon our trusted infrastructure and operational design, and our extensive experience developing cohorts, these forward-looking community hospitals are able to capitalize valued partnerships to efficiently collect and transfer superior tissue and blood samples along with relevant clinical data, meeting research needs for today’s precision medicine.


Precia Network


Precia has the biobanking and community hospital expertise to effectively work with healthcare key stakeholders and decision-makers to design and put into action a collection program that will satisfy the day-to-day requirements of your research organization.

Our consultants work with your team to identify and specify research needs, match those requirements with our community hospital partners, and ensure your receipt of the highest quality specimens and data available for all current and future demands.

Accelerate biomarker discovery and new drug development with the Precia Group.

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