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Donna Russell, MHA


A global health professional with 15+ years experience in strategic planning, program development, strategic partnerships, and establishing multi-country community-based research networks, Donna Russell serves her clients as a champion for bringing precision medicine to the community setting. Using a collaborative approach, she integrates translational research into community practice, driving new lines of sustainable revenue for community hospitals while creating a solid foundation for the successful implementation of a precision medicine program that immediately benefits patients.

With her unique global health perspective, Donna engages patient, clinical, and research stakeholders to achieve a common vision of transforming care in the community setting. Bringing translational research to community hospitals, where most patients receive their care, accelerates the discovery and development of better diagnostics and more targeted, less toxic therapies and gets them to the patients through clinical trials as quickly as possible.

Donna received a BS in nutrition and food science at University of California, Berkeley and earned a Masters of Health Administration at the University of Washington School of Public Health & Community Medicine. She serves on the Boards of University of Washington Medicine, Valley Medical Center, and Group B Strep International. Clients include the World Health Organization, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and academic and industry research organizations.

Amber Sexton, MPA

VP Operations

Amber Sexton has 15 years of experience in research, biobanking, data management, and governance. Passionate about seamlessly integrating research into the clinical setting, Amber applies scale and lean principles in a nimble, market-based approach. As VP Operations at the Precia Group, her true talent is motivating teams and stakeholders to accomplish visionary goals.

For the Washington State Health Care Authority, Amber has managed the data governance strategy and program, creating and implementing a scalable governance framework to ensure all of the agency’s complex data holdings are treated and valued as an asset. Prior to the Health Care Authority, Amber spent 10 years at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where she managed an international pregnancy and neonate biobank. In this role, she developed an innovative regulatory and consent structure ensuring compliance with federal Health and Human Services human subjects research regulations while allowing for broad access to these scarce specimen and data to biomedical researchers. She and her team also developed standards for specimen and data collection which were utilized for harmonizing Gates Foundation-funded maternal cohorts around the world. A global communicator, Amber has had publications in Nature and presented her work at the International Society Of Biological and Environmental Repositories conventions in Sydney and Berlin and at the International Federation of Placenta Association meeting in Paris. Her deep research background also includes multi-team project coordination services at the renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington.